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DC motor maintenance manufacturers gradually formed the scale of efficiency

For most small and medium-sized motor companies, this year the day is not very good, a series of problems such as rising raw material in this year is particularly prominent, and even some small and medium-sized enterprises in closed bankruptcy. In order to ease the cost pressures, motor companies have to find alternatives to silicon steel sheet, which produces quality problems and worrying.
This year, the domestic production of cold-rolled silicon steel steel enterprises, by the impact of upstream raw materials prices, and continuously improve the ex factory price of cold-rolled silicon steel sheet, the transfer of cost pressures to downstream enterprises. Motor, electrical appliances, household electrical appliances is a material intensive industries, small and medium-sized motor industry as an example: silicon steel is one of the main raw materials, accounting for 1/3 of the total cost of production. And because of the small and medium-sized motor industry is in oversupply situation, the competition is very fierce, in the face of a substantial rise in silicon steel prices, difficulties.
Small and medium-sized motor enterprises in order to survive, only starting from reducing the purchasing costs of raw materials, looking for alternatives to silicon solution as pressing danger.
Some enterprises, looking for a suitable grade of silicon steel sheet, the type of experimental comparison, qualified, the original higher grades of cold rolled silicon steel coil replacement. For example, the production of fractional horsepower motor, pump motor, hardware tools, small motor enterprise micro motor, does not need the width of 1000 mm or 1200 mm on the use of cold-rolled silicon steel, the market supply of about 20 thousand tons in a month.
Some motors, electrical appliances, household electrical appliances manufacturers, production of low-end motor, electrical appliances, small appliances products, simply use the strip, with the general return water known as the hot strip, with bright annealing method called cold-rolled steel strip, tons of price of only 5000 yuan / ton, greatly easing the purchase cost.
There are a number of small enterprises specializing in the procurement of cold-rolled silicon steel sheet of the product side, corner. Procurement of the above materials is the basic production of small and medium enterprises in the low-end products. Large enterprises and the production and export of large and medium-sized motor or military use of cold rolled silicon steel sheet production of domestic mainstream manufacturers. Small scale enterprises, it is difficult to form a scale efficiency
At present, China's large and small motor plant nearly 2000, although a large number of enterprises, but a large number of small enterprises. Due to the manufacturer, production, forming a mutual price competition to seize the market situation. Product quality is uneven, mutual price competition and industry profits and other phenomena, has become the main reason to affect the motor for the survival and development of enterprises.
The motor itself is labor-intensive products, reach a certain production scale is difficult to produce benefits, so the industry is very meager profits, the motor industry, employing about 300 thousand people, in 2003 the industry realized profits of only 280 million yuan. Even in some of the benefits of a relatively good enterprise net profit of less than 5%.

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