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Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics professor Zhao Chunsheng: efforts to achieve the Chinese dream of ultrasonic motors

Academicians, then innovation
"Science and technology innovation, must make up the short board." Contact your 3 business failures, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Nanjing University of Aeronautics & Astronautics professor Zhao Chunsheng said without thinking.
Ultrasonic motor Zhao Chunsheng developed very much, can let the "change three" traveling light. But very few people know that nearly 80 of the year Zhao Chunsheng is still running around for the enterprise, as a big headache for the industrialization of the ultrasonic motor. "I must let Jiangsu and Zhejiang produce tens of thousands of ultrasonic motor, used in China's aerospace, defense, automotive, medical and other fields, but also into the international market, the realization of" ultrasonic motor China dream "."
At present, the Zhao Chunsheng team developed a new type of ultrasonic motor has more than 60, with more than 120 authorized national patent. His English version of the ultrasonic motor Motors:Technologies and Applications Ultrasonic in the United States the price of $800 per book. The academic achievements into productive forces, so that high-tech products will fall, ultrasonic motor into the international market, Zhao Chunsheng felt but suffer from difficulties Time will not wait for me..
This is 3 years, we break through the technical bottleneck of high-end applications, making the ultrasonic motor production equipment, but industrialization is much more difficult than the road of innovation. Before 2008, there are companies to buy our patents, but did not insist on doing it, saying it was too difficult! After 2008, we and the Lianyungang boss partnership office, the patent shares, then apply to the provincial science and technology department 10 million yuan industrial fund, for 3 years, but the boss even a $100 thousand school instrument also refused to buy, the company does not run down down. In 2011 321, leading the project attract 4 teachers, we collected 1 million 300 thousand yuan, I gave 1 million yuan, registered in Nanjing Wan Ma Ultrasonic Motor Co. Ltd., operating for 1 years. In order to carry out the automatic production line, we introduce a Real Estate Company boss, he asked when holding corporation, he took control of all the stamp company, registered capital of 20 million yuan into the August, September away. Companies have to borrow 60 million yuan, with 15 patents as collateral."
"If you can not start as soon as possible, the process of industrialization will be severely delayed, and the demand for space and aerospace and weapons a large number of how to do?" Disappointment and worry, Zhao Chunsheng on the transformation of University Teachers' scientific and technological achievements is not without emotion. Colleges and universities are talent and knowledge gathering, many teachers eager to innovation and entrepreneurship, but their lack of funds, lack of management skills and experience, so the support of government departments to be more accurate, more realistic. "We must carefully study and solve practical difficulties and problems of College Teachers' innovative achievements transformation, scientists out of the laboratory sometimes do not adapt to social complexity, easily deceived to be used, but also need the government to help, guide and support."
Zhao Chunsheng believes that the government's guidance on how to issue and use of funds, it is worth studying. On the one hand, to guide the funds if the focus is not concentrated, like the spread of sesame seeds, it is difficult to do a decent thing to. On the other hand, a large number of small and micro enterprises lack of funds, is in urgent need of support. The related policy also needs to encourage the introduction of specific measures and rules, such as leaving the business, many teachers did not dare to try, that school is a secure job, worried about social security treatment can guarantee, once failed to determine whether to go back to school after leaving. And some schools are not very supportive of leaving the business, which will make a good policy discount." In his view, the real innovation of Jiangsu science and technology service industry for economic, technical advantages into industrial capital, policy support, also need more targeted.

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