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T35-11 series of low noise axial fan
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T35-11 series of low noise axial fan


T35-11 axial fan is the T33, T40 and foreign products for analysis and comparison, through the model-level test after the design of a new generation of axial fan, with high efficiency, low noise characteristics, widely used in general industrial and mining enterprises , The warehouse, the office, the civil building interior ventilates the ventilator or strengthens the heat dissipation.


FT35-11 for the corrosion-type axial fans, all-glass steel production, for the transport of corrosive gases.

BT53-11 for the corrosion-type axial fan, for conveying flammable, explosive gas.

F BT53-11 is an anticorrosive axial-flow fan for conveying corrosive, flammable and explosive gases.


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