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Centrifugal Induced Draft Fan of Y5-48 Series Boiler
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Centrifugal Induced Draft Fan of Y5-48 Series Boiler


Y5-48 Series Centrifugal Induced Draft Fan is designed to meet the needs of industrial boilers (1-20 ton / h), which are burned with various kinds of coal and equipped with smoke suppression and dust removal devices. Where the conditions of the same intake, performance and adaptability can be used. But the maximum temperature should not exceed 250 , fan medium flue gas Y5-48No4C-6C gas temperature of 200 . The gas density was 0.745 kg / m?. N8C-12.5C gas temperature of 140 ; gas density of 0.851kg / m?. In front of the draft fan must be added dust device to ensure that the smoke into the fan dust content of less than 400kg / m?. Before the induced draft fan must install the dust removal device which the efficiency is not lower than 85%, reduces the flue gas dust content which enters the air blower, in order to improve the air blower life.


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