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YWL series of external rotor centrifugal fan
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YWL series of external rotor centrifugal fan



YWL series of low-noise outer rotor multi-wing centrifugal fan is our company to absorb domestic and foreign advanced technology, research and development of new centrifugal fan, all using mold production, static and dynamic balance correction, the surface using high-grade electrostatic spraying. With small size, air volume, high efficiency, small vibration, low noise, easy installation and commissioning. The series of fans transported by the gas does not allow viscous material, non-corrosive, non-flammable, explosive. According to the use of motor conditions, the fan must be at ambient temperature -40 +60 , the relative humidity of not more than 90%, altitude of not more than 1000m under the conditions of use.


The series of fans are widely used in civil, industrial buildings, laboratories and other ventilation, strict requirements on the environment and air conditioning, purification, refrigeration industry.


2Model Description


YWL-external rotor centrifugal fan

motor pole number: 2 - two, 4 - four, 6 - six

D-three-phase motor, E-single-phase motor

diameter of the fan: 200-fan diameter of 200mm

Type code: QD-single into the wind, QS-double into the wind


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