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HTF (C) series of high-temperature exhaust fan cabinet
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HTF (C) series of high-temperature exhaust fan cabinet


HTF (C) series of high-temperature exhaust fan cabinet is the introduction of digestion and absorption of domestic and foreign technology developed on the basis of the new fan, the machine has a dual function of fire smoke and ventilation, with high efficiency, noise It is a new generation product of fire exhaust fan for high-rise building. It has compact structure and beautiful appearance. The box adopts the frame structure of frame and the structure of box-board assembling. It has the advantages of high efficiency, low cost, easy installation, smooth running, high flow rate and high temperature resistance. Box board is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate bending, double-double structure, the internal filling fire insulation materials to prevent high temperature condensation of the environment, can effectively reduce noise.


This series of products are divided into A-and B-type two, the motor installed in the box outside the A-type, according to GA211-2009 fire fan high temperature test mode, the flue gas temperature is higher than 280 high temperature, continuous operation 40 More than a minute to achieve the purpose of fire smoke, with two-speed motor, both in the low-speed ventilation, but also in the high-speed fire smoke for a machine with two; motor installed in the box for the B-type, Generally used for ventilation.


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