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WT35-11 series axial flow roof fan
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WT35-11 series axial flow roof fan


WT35-11 series of axial flow roof fan mainly as the oil, chemical, textile, metallurgy and machinery plant, offices, laboratories, warehouses and other buildings indoor ventilation, it can adapt to the different forms of buildings and the use of needs , Can be installed on the roof and walls, when the working medium temperature is 25 , relative humidity should not be greater than 90%, medium dust content (including solids, impurities) should not exceed 100mg / m?.


The fan mainly by the impeller, hairdryer, hood, motor and other accessories. Impeller with axial fans, large amount of wind, special needs can be anti-wind. The hood and the base use of light, high strength, corrosion-resistant glass steel materials, with beautiful appearance, anti-wind and rain characteristics.


FWT35 roof ventilator, can be used to transport corrosive gases, its performance parameters consistent with the WT35.


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