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Implementation plan for motor energy efficiency promotion in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, 2016

Arctic star energy saving environmental protection network news: Japan, the North Star energy conservation environmental protection network from the Jiaxing municipal government was informed that, on the issue of "Jiaxing city in 2016 motor energy efficiency upgrade implementation plan," the notice has been issued. Details are as follows:
Notice on printing and distributing the plan for the implementation of motor energy efficiency promotion in Jiaxing city in 2016
Ka credit resources 15 2016
Each county (city, district) by letter (business) bureau, Jiaxing economic and Technological Development Zone Business Bureau, Jiaxing port economic development bureau:
To implement the "2025" China manufacturing requirements for industrial energy saving, accelerate the motor to improve energy efficiency, improve the enthusiasm of enterprises to improve the energy efficiency of motor, combined with the city's actual use of motor, formulated "implementation plan" in Jiaxing city in 2016 to enhance motor efficiency, is issued to you, please follow.
Jiaxing economic and Information Commission
Implementation plan for motor energy efficiency promotion in Jiaxing city in 2016
In order to speed up the city's energy saving, promote the popularization and application of high efficiency motor, and comprehensively improve the level of motor energy efficiency, and promote the improvement of energy efficiency of enterprises to achieve sustainable development of the city's economic and social. According to the national motor energy efficiency requirements, combined with the actual use of motor in our city, Jiaxing city in 2016 to develop motor energy efficiency upgrade implementation plan.
First, the necessity of the implementation of motor energy efficiency
The motor is fan, pump, compressor, machine tools, transmission belt driving device of various equipment, widely used in many industries of metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical, chemical, papermaking, coal, building materials, utilities and electricity power machinery field, is the largest. 2015, the city's total electricity consumption of 41 billion 330 million kwh, according to the total electricity consumption of electricity accounted for 64% of the total electricity consumption of the city, the city's annual electricity consumption of about 26 billion 450 million kwh. In recent years, under the support of national policy, energy efficiency level of motor city has gradually increased, but the overall level of energy efficiency is still low, the extensive use of inefficient motor electricity caused huge waste, not only restricts the enterprise energy utilization level, affecting the economic efficiency of enterprises, but also to the energy saving work in our city the successful completion of the adverse effects of. Therefore, it is imperative to vigorously implement the motor energy efficiency.
In the face of the development environment of resource constraints, the state will improve the motor efficiency as an important energy saving measure, and efficient motor through the optimization of electromagnetic and structural design, the use of new materials and new equipment and improve the manufacturing process, reduce the copper, iron, stray and mechanical loss of the motor and the utilization level of high energy conversion process. The State Ministry of national quality inspection administration "on the organization and implementation of electrical energy efficiency enhancement program notice" clearly pointed out: "vigorously implement the motor efficiency, through the promotion of efficient motors, with inefficient motors, eliminated in the inefficient efficient motor remanufacturing, and the motor system according to its load characteristics and operating conditions, energy saving". The motor in the whole life cycle of 2.7% of the initial purchase, installation and maintenance costs during the period accounted for only the total expenses, and the required electricity accounted for about 97.3%, efficient motor to save electricity, the long term is more in line with the motor using the interests of enterprises.
Two, general ideas and basic principles
(a) the general idea: according to the "2025" China manufacturing requirements for industrial energy conservation, strengthen policy guidance and supervision and management, strengthen the standard constraints, the implementation of energy-saving technological transformation system of the motor through the elimination of inefficient motors, promote the popularization and application of efficient motor operating mechanism, by step to establish a combination of incentives and constraints, enhance the motor efficiency level, to promote the "energy saving target completion in 13th Five-Year".
(two) the basic principles: first, to adhere to the stock adjustment and incremental upgrade. Strict implementation of motor energy efficiency standards, guide enterprises to adopt efficient motor system, not for new construction, renovation and expansion projects still use inefficient machines and systems, to ensure that the approval of the incremental part all adopt efficient electric motor and driving device. Two is to adhere to the combination of technology research and development and demonstration. Strengthen research on key technologies for adaptation, motor system energy saving effect of the motor system energy consumption test diagnosis and evaluation; establish and improve the promotion of service system, increase the efficiency of motor demonstration application. Three is to adhere to the combination of policy incentives and standard constraints. Give full play to the guiding role of efficient motor promotion policy, strengthen the motor energy efficiency mandatory standards and industrial policy constraints, to expand the market share of efficient motors, and promote the motor industry structure adjustment and upgrading.

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